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Humanity: Just say U're sorry

I saw this video, and I feel like, I want to share it to the world. And this is my first short message to the world on Humanity, actually I have planned to actually talk about humanity in this blog because I realise many among us dont really think humanity is sumting that important, but I have not gathered enough infos and stuffs or even topics for humanity, its just sumting around me, and the feeling I feel everyday, its really sumthing we cant touch with our hands, instead we can just feel it with our hearts. I have not found any point to start with, so let this be the first then, Enjoy it! 


and I really hope, this video helps us to realise that, even if we didnot mean it, we still have to apologize as courtesy and manner. Atleast, we know, deep down in our hearts, we still have humanity and human sense, atleast a little. 


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  1. alaa xpat bukak linknyee.. tah ape problem laptop anis nie..hukhuk... :(



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