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2015 Hijab Fashion

Nowadays hijab is one of the most popular head accessories worn by women who embrace Islam. There are plenty of 2015 hijab fashion tips online that do not have to cost much either! Apart from the hijab tips below, you can also get inspiration from your favourite celebrities who wear tudung like Dato Siti Nurhaliza, Yuna, Hana Tajima and Shila Amzah.

Over the past years, we can see a growing community of Muslimah fashion bloggers and hijabnista in Malaysia. This has totally changed the idea of how to infuse the modern lifestyle into the core of what it means to be a Muslimah. The media used to potray Muslimah as shrouded in pitch black robes and full covered from head to toe, feeding the stereotype idea that modern lifestyle, fashion and religion itself could not mix.

However, all those popular Muslimah fashion bloggers have proven the stereotype to be wrong and no longer relevant to the current fashion trend. Hijab fashion has a huge impact on the fashion industry nowadays, and it is revolving in a very fast speed.

Now you, you, and you! Yeah, you Muslimah right there! The following tips might also help you challenging the stereotype that the world has given to Muslimah like you and me!

1. Get yourself updated with the current hijab fashion to keep your wardrobe with freshest outfits. Internet might become your bestfriend to this point. Find your style and fill your wardrobe!

2. Stay away from too many colours! If your dress comes in two colours for example, match it with a hijab that has matching colour to your outfit. If you couldn't find any hijab colour that matches, then try other colour with the same tone. Can't find a red hijab? Arghh its okay! I still have burgundy hijab to wear!

3. Dress to express your taste! Charm the crowd with your best Muslimah outfit paired with the right hijab for an effortlessly trendy look. You need to know you own style of appearance. Once you understand your own style, then you can start loving it. And later you would know which area needs improvement.

4. Always have Plan B! Fill your wardrobe with variety of dresses, and various different style of hijabs. When style 1 doesn't suit your taste, straight away you have something in hand for a change! 

I really hope, you guys can find a style that matches your taste and at the same time appropriate according to the religion. I would say, the best fashion that one Muslimah can wear is always the fashion, which with it you are ready and well-covered to perform your prayers.

Thanks again for reading this entry!
Muah from Muslimah to Muslimah!
:D :D :D


  1. How I wish I can be at least fashionable in some way.

  2. I pakai je apa yg selesa.. haha.. memang x fashionista langsung.. :D

  3. best lah kalau masyukkk. semua benda beli. baju tudung beralmari lela beli nnti

  4. cantik memang cantik...akak tak nafikannya
    tapi maaf ye dik...ni bukan ciri pemakaian muslimah yang sebenar =)

  5. akk pakai yg selesa dgn diri akk je :)

  6. cantikkan pelbagai fesyen terkini ni :)

  7. semua sy pakai.. dri bawal sampai la yg belik2.. tapi xdela hijabnista sgt.. hehehehe

  8. ehh cantek2 la baju kat atas.. tp nadya yg pakai msti pelik.hahaha

  9. Salam singgah hujung minggu dik....suka pakai yang selesa bila akak pakai...hihi

  10. haha...so not me lh...
    serabut tengok...

    sungguh lah pepatah kata... beauty lies in de eyes of beholder... gitu katanya...

  11. nk pakai vogue... poket pun kena vouge.... haha...
    ada boypren kaya x nk introduce kt ai... hihihi

  12. Cantik n vogue mmg perlu tp keselesaan adalah keutamaan... ;)

  13. Tak pandai nk berhijabista n fashionable ni..hukhukhuk T_T



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