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I am back into this business!

Hi and assalamualaikum to everyone. 

When I started this blog, my intention was solely to jot down notes on every holiday, vacation, trip and adventure we have in our lives. And since we came back to Malaysia (in 2016, haha!), I have not been able to be away from Malaysia or be in any kind of holiday or vacation, so I kinda just stop writing anything over here. 

But, Alhamdulillah, God is the best planner, after coming back to Malaysia for about 3 years now, we are finally, finally settled in, we have everything we need (alhamdulillah again). Now we are a lil bit more stable to be on a journey (or a short trip! haha) again. And I will start to write my experience here, just a note for myself in the future, just in case we want to visit the same place twice.

I hope, everyone's reading, is happy to know that we're back into this "bloggging" business. Just bear in mind, that I am now 3 years older than the "Aisya" that you used to know, I am now a mother to a 3-yo cute lil baby boy, so my language might change a bit because of my age, but I am always, and always 22-yo in my heart, haha!

K lah, thats all. Bye2!!


  1. Welcome back, kak Aisya! :)

  2. Welcome back kak Aisya, Salam kenal dari jauh

  3. welcome back kak aisya! rindunya nak baca entry2 akak, lama sangat menyepi hehe

  4. Welcome back and keep blogging..
    By the way, salam perkenalan dihulurkan..



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